Tuesday in a Blogger’s Life

Bloggers don’t blog for the money, they don’t blog for the notoriety, bloggers blog from passion.  Almost every blogger I know blogs about topics they love; topics that set their very souls on fire.  Some have full-time jobs outside the home and blog in the evenings, on the weekends, on their lunch hour, the subway, the bus – basically anywhere they have a few moments to be thoughts on paper.  Bloggers do not start off with thousands of readers nor do they start with email full of pitches, or brand sponsorships to conferences or family vacations.

 A blogger’s life closely resembles, I imagine, a singer, songwriter or actors life during the first years.  Some bloggers will never become ‘known’ or be able to land lucrative deals with brands.  Others will have gold paths and pick of the litter with brands and sponsors.

My Tuesday started off like any other Tuesday.  Got up early to work social media client accounts on Facebook and Twitter, prepped for an 8am call with The Neat Company (link: http://www.neat.com/), and closely watched the clock as a deadline for a blogging contest approached (I still had finishing touches to put on my entry).

The lunchtime deadline, for the contest, approached and I tweaked my entry for as long as possible. 11:58amcame and it was time to upload the entry.  I had everything ready to go and I quickly copy & pasted the information into the application form and clicked submit.  Waited for thr headshot to load, I watched the time tick to11:59am, and what appeared?  An error message appeared; the link to my YouTube video had a syntax error and caused the form to fail.  Less than one minute left.  I furiously filled out the form a second time; submit.  Failed again!  The headshot needed to be re-attached and I had missed a second error in the YouTube link.  This error was caused by existing wording present in the form, I had to delete the wording, before inserting the link to my YouTube entry.

Was able to clear the entry and resubmit the form at12:03; and what should appear? Another error this time stating the form was private.  Oh no! The deadline had passed which meant, the form was unavailable.  I immediately went to my favorite platform for requesting time sensitive help. I tweeted to the company having the contest to tell them of the issue while at the same time calling on the phone.  I received a tweeted response before the phone had stopped ringing.  The response included the resolution.

Its not even lunchtime yet!!  Luckily, I was able to spend the rest of the day attending doctors appointments.


Ah, a day in the blogger lifestyle! Wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. says

    Great post Nicole. Sounds like your Tuesday was very busy. In response to the issue you had, this is a great example of how a faster response time is found on Social Media and why others should adapt to using it.

    Look forward to many more posts from you.

    ~ Jason

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